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EximiousSoft GIF Creator is a powerful GIF design tool, provides more than 40+ effects to build cool
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11 August 2015

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This is a software tool that helps create GIF animations.

EximiousSoft GIF Creator lets you create a GIF animation quickly and easily. It allows you to make your webpages a little more attractive and make your visitors stay a little longer! Fast-loading animations, high quality banners or buttons are created easily by converting images and AVI videos. EximiousSoft GIF Creator provides image-editing tools including selection tools such as Magic wand and Lasso tool as well as many geometric shaped selection tools. The images used are edited individually and transparency values can be set individually. Image objects can be used as layers to compose a frame. This animator software also enables you to add visual effects for animations and creates high compression and yet good quality web pictures. There is a range of special effects, 40 odd, that can be applied to enhance the animations.

Image Selection tools, described earlier, lets you select a portion of an image. You can then cut, copy, crop or delete it as you need. The paint tools or image filters can be used to edit the selected area directly. Vector components such as lines, texts, symbols, rectangle with round corners, oval and other geometry shapes can be easily added. A range of image formats are supported. If you have need for GIF animations for spicing up your web pages this is a good tool for that. There are plenty of controls on the interface and thus could take a little time to get used to. Preview makes sure you get what you wanted and undo/redo makes sure you can recover from errors and start over again. So go ahead and try it out if you need a tool like this, this one is a good one!

Publisher's description

EximiousSoft GIF Creator is a kind of powerful,rapid and visual GIF design tool. With dozens of Special good effects,it can help you make out amazing animations or banners within short time. EximiousSoft GIF Creator provides many professional image-editing tools including seletion tools such as Magic wand tool and Lasso tool as well as many geometric shapes selection tools. Once you have made a selection on an animation, you can directly edit on this area without any effects to others. Moreover, you can also copy, move or delete this area according to your needs. EximiousSoft Gif Creator has strong support to vector graphics. You can use it drawing out excellent smooth straight line, rounded rectangle, ellipse and other geometric shapes. Besides, EximiousSoft GIF Creator can produce many texts or symbols with surprising quality. By adding Outline or shadow, the texts and symbols will have very strong 3d vision effects. Every time when EximiousSoft GIF Creator output an GIF animation, it will optimize it by greatest degree at first for creating out smallest GIF file. But it's still able to wholly maintain the original quality of the picture. What's more, since all edits of this program are visual, you can view the edit results directly as well as cancel any operation at any time. it's very easy-used and convenient. EximiousSoft GIF Creator supports inputting and outputting a great deal of different animation formats and image formats. Such as GIF,AVI,BMP,PCX,JPG,TIFF,PNG,TGA,PSD,ICO, CUR,ANI, SWF etc.
EximiousSoft GIF Creator
EximiousSoft GIF Creator
Version 7.31
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